The Indian Fern Journal

The Indian Fern Journal issued annually is devoted to the study of Pteridophytes. The Journal is meant for circulation to the members of the Indian Fern Society and the Institutional subscribers. It is owned and published by the INDIAN FERN SOCIETY, 1633 Sector 7-C, Chandigarh-160019 (India).
Claims for missing numbers can be made within three months by the members and six months by foreign members after the date of issue of the Journal as well as all matters for membership of the Indian Fern Society and Individual subscriptions for the Journal should be made to the Secretary.

Institutional subscriptions for the Indian Fern Journal from India and abroad should be entered directly with the office of the Secretary for quick distribution.

Books for review, notices for conferences, announcements, manuscripts and short notes and all other materials meant for publication in the Journal should be sent to The Secretary or the Editor-in-chief.
Contributors should give an undertaking that their present communication has neither been published earlier nor communicated for publication elsewhere. The Authors are solely responsible for Views expressed in their publications. The Indian Fern Society is not responsible for views expressed in publications.


The Indian Fern Journal has been given by The National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (NAAS), a Government of India funded agency, a NAAS Score of 3.72 (Serial No. 2496 in their list of Science Journals), effective from 01 December 2019.