The INDIAN FERN JOURNAL publishes original Research Articles dealing on any aspect of study on Pteridophytes. It is mandatory for all authors to be members of THE INDIAN FERN SOCIETY. Authors will have to bear the cost of pagination and illustrations. There will be no charges for Invited articles.

Format of the manuscript:
Manuscripts should be typed in double space, ‘Times New Roman’, 12 font size. The electronic version of text and figures should be in MS office, photographs should be in JPG or JPEG format. The photographs and figures should be arranged in a fashion that no space is wasted.

Title of the paper should be short, of not more than five words and in bold CAPITAL LETTERS, font size 14 and centered near the top of the first page.

Author’s name/s should be in Capital letters, font size 12. The affiliation/s should be in font size 10. All authors should give theire-mail address.

Normally the manuscript should have the following pattern (Typed in bold, CAPITAL LETTERS and arranged in the centre of the page): ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS & METHODS, OBSERVATIONS, DISCUSSION OR RESULTS, ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and REFERENCES. The Abstract (in font size 10) giving the salient features of the work in about 70-80 words, should precede the text. Key words (3-5, and in bold, font size 10), should follow the abstract. The contributions should follow the style of the latest issue of the Journal. Generic and species names and all words from a language other than English should be in italics. Tables should have concise captions and must be on separate pages. Foot-notes be kept to the minimum.

Illustrations: Figures should be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. Line diagrams and inscriptions should be legible. Legends of figures should be typed on a separate sheet. These should be brief and self explanatory. Tables should also be numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals, with a self explanatory title. Abbreviations should be explained in foot notes.

REFERENCES should be arranged in alphabetical order in the following style of IFJ:

ALSTON, A.H.G. 1945. An enumeration of the Indian species of Selaginella Proc National Institute Sci India 11B: 211-235

DIXIT, R. D. 1992. Selaginellaceae of India Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh Dehra Dun, India.

Proceedings :
FRASER-JENKINS, C.R. 2007. Endemics & Pseudoendemics in relation to the Distribution patterns of Indian Pteridophytes. In “Fourth Symposium on Asian Pteridology and Garden Show.’Abs. Ed V B Ambrose. Central Mindanao University, Musan, Bukidnon, Philippines.
Chapter of a Book:
BANERJEE, R. & MUKHOPADHYAY, R. 2008. Studies in the leaf epidermis and Venation patterns of some Indian species of Tectarioid ferns. In “ Perspectives In Pteridophytes” Eds. S C Verma, S P Khullar & H K Cheema. Publishers: Bishen Singh Mahendra Pal Singh, Dehra Dun (INDIA). Pp 397-406.

The authors reference in text should be cited as Cronquist et al. (1970) or Tryon & Tryon (1973) or (Tryon & Tryon 1973). Only articles and books referred to in the text should be listed. The abbreviations of the journals should conform to the latest edition of the “World List of Scientific Periodicals” (eds. P Brown & G B Straiton) Butterworths, London.

All papers are reviewed. The comments of the referees/editor will be communicated to the authors for revision and incorporation of suggestions, before the paper is finally accepted by the Editor. There are no gratis reprints. It is essential to pay for 10 reprints of the paper/s published in the Indian Fern Journal. The charges are as follows: Ordinary printed pages @ Rs. 500/- per page. Color plates Rs 1500 per plate subject to a minimum of two plates; Black & White Plates @ Rs 1000/- per plate. The cost of reprints will be intimated and should be sent in advance after the paper is accepted by the Editor, through crossed Bank Cheque, Bank Demand Draft payable at CHANDIGARH in the name of the ‘SECRETARY-TREASURER, INDIAN FERN SOCIETY’ (mailed to Prof. S P Khullar, 1633, SECTOR 7-C, CHANDIGARH- 160019 (U.T.). E-mail: or these can be transfered directly into the account of the Indian Fern Society with information to the Secretary-Treasurer.
Bank details can be had from the Secretary-Treasurer, Prof S P Khullar.

Book Review: A copy of the book (non returnable) will have to be submitted to the Secretary/Editor.

Manuscript fully formatted to IFJ style, be submitted as email attachment to the Editor-in-chief IFJ (Prof. S.P.Khullar,

Bank details can be had from the Secretary-Treasurer, Prof S P Khullar.