(Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 as amended by Punjab Amendment Act 1957).

The Indian Fern Society founded in 1983, is an international organization of Researchers and persons interested in ferns and fern-allies. The main aim of the Society is promoting researches on Pteridophytes world-wide. The Indian Fern Society functioned at Patiala till 2008, for 25 years with the Late Prof. S S Bir as its first Secretary-Treasurer. Due to advancing age of Prof Bir, it was decided in the General Body meeting held at NBRI, Lucknow, during the Silver Jubilee Celebrations (29 November 2008), to shift the head office of the Society to Chandigarh.

(i) To promote researches on Pteridophytes through suitable programs of research, explorations and dissemination of the latest knowledge on these plants.
(ii) To arouse public interest in the conservation of ferns and fern allies, which are under grave threat of extinction due to the destruction of their habitats.

The Society sought to achieve these objectives by:
(i) Seeking cooperation and by cooperating with persons and organizations within or outside the country interested in plant Sciences.
(ii) Organizing lectures, symposia, seminars, excursions, exhibitions etc.on Pteridophytes.
(iii) Publishing ‘The Indian Fern Journal’. It also encourages publication of monographs, books etc. of interest for the development of knowledge on Pteridophytes.
(iv) Encouraging original researches on ferns and fern-allies.
(v) Instituting at appropriate time, merit certificates, medals, and prizes for persons interested in ferns and fern allies.

Activities of the Society:
The Society has been publishing annually “THE INDIAN FERN JOURNAL” since 1984 and has so far successfully published 39 volumes. Articles from Researchers on Pteridophytes are welcome for publication but all author/s have to be members of the Society (Annual/Life).

Seminars Organized by the Indian Fern Society

The Indian Fern Society has so far organized fourteen International/National Seminars/symposia.

(i) The first National Symposium of the Society was “Biology of Pteridophytes” January 10-11,   1986, in the Department of Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala.

(ii) A “National Conference on Pteridology” was organized by the Indian Fern Society at NBRI, Lucknow, November, 25-26, 1988.

(iii) An International Symposium on “Present & Future Perspectives in Pteridology” was organized by the Indian Fern Society from August 4-6, 1989, at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

(iv)The fourth symposium organized by the Society was “Current Trends in Pteridology” at St. Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai (Tamil Nadu), October 4-6, 1991.

(v) A National Symposium on “Researches on Pteridology” was organized at Department of Botany, J.N.Vyas University, Jodhpur, October 5-7, 1995.

(vi) The sixth symposium was a National Symposium on “Fifty Years of Pteridology in India: In Retrospect & Prospect” at Jiwaji University, Gwalior on November 12-14, 1999.

(vii) “Pteridophytes-the vanishing Plants” was the symposium organized at the Department of Botany, Panjab University, Chandigarh, November 25-26, 2002.

(viii)The Society celebrated its Silver Jubilee by organizing an International Symposium, “Perspectives in Pteridophytes” in collaboration with NBRI, Lucknow November 27-29, 2008.

(ix). In collaboration with IHBT-CSIR PALAMPUR An International Symposium on Ferns and Fern allies “DIVERSITY, BIOPROSPECTION and CONSERVATION was organized at Palampur Nov 10-12, 2010.

(x) A National symposium “Pteridophyta: An Intriguing Flora. Environmental and Ethnobotanical Significance” was organized in collaboration with St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, Feb 8-10, 2013 at Mangalore.

(xi) A National Conference on MODERN APPROACHES TO PTERIDOPHYTE BIOLOGY, BIODIVERSITY AND BIORESOURCE, 20-21 December, 2014 was organized by the CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology  Palampur-176 061, H.P. For the two symposia at Palampur the Indian fern society is highly grateful to the Late Dr P S Ahuja, former DG CSIR Labs.

(xii) “The Genomic Age Challenges and Opportunities in Taxonomy and Biology of Indian Pteridophytes” March 3-4, 2017, Pune was its twelfth seminar.

(xiii)   “Pteridological Studies in India: Perspectives and Modern approaches in relation to Environment & Climate Change” February 22- 23, 2018, Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) is the 13th seminar. The last two were made possible by the keen interest shown by the former Director,  B S I, Dr. Paramjit Singh.

( xiv) An International Conference on “Next Generation Pteridology: The Indian Perspective” March 8-10 2019,  was held at Dr. Bhupendra Nath Dutta Smriti Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan.  This was the 14th symposium made possible due to the keen interest shown by the Principal, Dr. Nirupama Goswami,

(xv) “Pteridology Today and Tomorrow: Relevance to Impact on Diversity and Climate Change”,  Feb. 24-25,  at M S University , Vadodra,  the present symposium  is the 16th. This has been made possible due to the efforts, keen interest and hard work of Prof K S Rajput and Dr Sachin Patil. The Indian Fern Society wishes to put on record its grateful thanks.
The first National Symposium of the Society was “Biology of Pteridophytes” January 10-11, 1986, at the Department of Botany, Punjabi University, Patiala and The 16th “Research in Pteridology- Priorities and Challenges (March 22-24,2022) was held at Calicut University, Calicut.

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Executive Council
The Society has an executive council which consists of: A President, two Vice-Presidents, Secretary-Treasurer, Joint Secretary, seven members and The Editor-in Chief, Editor and Coeditor of The Indian Fern Journal. The Editorial Board has six members, besides The Editor-in Chief, Editor and Coeditors. There are also four Advisors.

5. HONORARY FELLOWSHIP conferred on those who help the Society in organizing its seminars and in other activities of the Society
6. HONORARY MEMBERS. The Society Honours itself by having Senior Pteridologists as Honorary Members
(For all award details contact the Secretary

Membership of the Society is open to any person interested in Pteridophytes.
All members are required to provide their email and mailing address.
The annual membership of the society is Rs 1500/-
The Life Membership is Rs. 7500/-.
For Students/Researchers The Membership is Rs 5000/- But as and when they get a placement/Fellowship/ Scholarship they will pay the balance.

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(Registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 as amended by Punjab Amendment Act 1957)



President Prof. P.L. Uniyal Delhi (2022)
Vice-President Prof.. Nirupama Goswami Purbabardhaman
Dr. A. Bennimian Pune
Secretary-Treasurer Prof. S. P. Khullar Chandigarh
Joint Secretary Dr. K. D. Chawla Mumbai
Members Dr. P.B.Khare Lucknow
Prof H.Cheema Chandigarh
Prof.N.Punetha Pithoragarh
Prof.B.L.Yadav Bhilwara
Prof. Ashwani Kumar Jaipur
Prof. H.S. Kirn Jammu
Prof. K.S. Rajput Vadodra
Prof. S. Nampy Calicut
Prof. Domnic Rajkumar Gorakhpur
Prof. Shakil Sheikh Rajapur
Dr. S.K. Behra Lucknow
Dr.  K.D. Chawala Mumbai
Dr. Kakali Sen Kalyani
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Allahabad
Prof. Alka Lucknow


Editor-in-Chief Prof. S. P. Khullar, Chandigarh
Editor Prof. B.S.Kholia, Dehra Dun
Co-editor Prof. Smitha Hegde, Mangalore
Dr. Sachin Patil, Kolhapur
Members Prof. H. K. Goswami, Bhopal
Prof. N. Punetha, Pithoragarh
Prof. R. N. Mukhopadhya, Burdwan
Dr. PK Raja Gopal Udupi
Advisors Prof. T. N. Bhardwaja, Jaipur
Prof. Joanne Sharpe, USA
Prof. X. C. Zhang, China
Dr. C. R. Fraser-Jenkins, Portugal.
Prof. Annette Schölch, Heidelberg, Germany
Editor of Publications Prof. S. P. Khullar, Chandigarh